Dental prostheses

Are you tired of your current dentures that move in your mouth and think that gluing dentures is annoying?

Maybe you are worried about broken and ugly dentures instead?

We have the possibility of replacing the prosthesis for you, in which case it is no longer necessary to use glue. It makes life more convenient and easier. We would replace with implants or bridges.

Have you had all your teeth removed?

We replace a troublesome removable denture with an implant bridge (permanent denture) that is attached to four or more dental implants. Dental implants act like natural roots, so with permanent dentures you feel like you still have your natural teeth.

Price al. €650 removable prosthesis.

Prices of implant-supported prostheses al. 2500€

Nature does not tolerate an empty place
If you are missing only one tooth, the best solution is a dental crown placed on a dental implant. If you are missing several teeth, we recommend installing a dental bridge that rests on the teeth or implants.

A dental bridge placed on a dental implant:

prevents the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth from changing their position and fills the gap of the missing tooth;
prevents the jaw from shrinking due to missing tooth roots, which would otherwise make the face look older and make the smile look ugly due to missing teeth.