Invisalign cap treatment

We all dream of a beautiful smile. If nature has not given you beautiful, straight teeth, we can help.

We do not use braces, but transparent caps that go over the teeth, which are so modest that your friends will not realize that you are having your teeth straightened.

While braces are often accompanied by problems related to bad breath, cavities, loosening (which is why you need to go to the dentist quickly), gingivitis, etc., there are no such problems with braces.

The cabinets are comfortable, they are easy to take off while eating and brushing your teeth, and put them back afterwards. They do not harm the teeth or gums.

With caper treatment, there are also much fewer visits to the dentist, usually 2 to 3 times.

In the case of scabies treatment, the final result of the treatment can be seen even before the treatment and the time required for the treatment along with the total cost can also be known.

Depending on your age and the position of your teeth, we choose between two packages: either only 1 jaw or both together.

We use Invisalign braces.

Invisalign package “Lite”: it is a small lack of space in the area of ​​the front teeth. The package contains 14 capes. Price up to 3500 euros.
Invisalign package “Full” – You need to do more work, the back teeth are also a concern: The number of braces depends on the extent of the problem. Price up to 4000 euros. The price includes all the work together with the future retainers, i.e. the nightstands that hold the teeth in their new position.

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*In the case of canceling treatment, the fee for entering the treatment is applied, and if the cabinets are already present at the clinic, the cost of the service is not refundable.