Dental laminates and crowns

You don’t want to damage your teeth a lot?

Do you want a beautiful and durable smile?

It is very common when a chip comes off a tooth or your teeth are unsightly due to old fillings or other reasons.

Our all-ceramic dental veneers will make your teeth whiter as you have always wanted and also correct many other problems such as crooked, broken, chipped or short teeth.

Dental laminate is an incredibly thin all-ceramic plate that is fitted to the tooth. Dental laminates have excellent properties and resemble natural teeth. The shape and color are made according to your wishes.

Stages: the dentist listens to your concern and finds a suitable solution, the dentist prepares your tooth, the dental technician prepares a special laminate that suits you, and then the dentist installs the laminate on your tooth.

In our clinic, you can choose the appearance of ceramics from snow-white to naturally beautiful.

We also make dental crowns that imitate the appearance of a natural tooth. To install the crown, the necessary tooth layer is removed and we can place a strong ceramic tooth in its place.

In the case of an implant crown, it is a tooth made entirely of ceramic that is attached to the implant with a screw.