Warranty and medical liability

*We recommend checking before your visit that the card payment limit is sufficient. To avoid surprises, we always try to inform you in advance of the approximate cost of the future visit.

*The exact cost of treatment will be revealed during the consultation. For larger treatment works, the doctor prepares an estimate of the treatment cost.

*We recommend using our online booking system.


We want you to know the main risks in dental treatment. It is very important that you know these risks and agree to the appropriate treatment before making a treatment decision. The main risks and issues are presented, they do not cover all possible options. We also outline our main conditions for these issues to arise.

  • Temporary and permanent teeth/dentures can become loose;
  • The ceramic/plastic may crack or break;
  • Inflammation of the dental nerve may occur;
  • Over time, caries may occur in the area of the edges of the work;
  • Tooth sensitivity may occur after bonding;
  • After grinding the teeth, inflammation of the dental nerve may occur;
  • In the case of pins, tooth root fractures or loose cementation may occur;
  • The fixation screw of the implant crowns may loosen/break;
  • Restorations can interfere with the bite;
  • The gums may recede and the edges of the work may remain visible.
  • Removable dentures can rub;
  • Fracture of plastic or metal parts;
  • Dislodgement of prosthetic teeth;
  • Cracking of plastic;
  • Dentures may loosen;
  • Fastening elements may wear out or come off, while the warranty does not extend to repair work;
  • Can interfere with the bite.
  • Does not ossify;
  • Later bone loss occurs;
  • The edge of the metal may protrude or recede from the gum;
  • Comes off after prosthetics;
  • After the incision, there may be inflammation, swelling and fever.
  • There may be pain after treatment;
  • Swelling and exacerbation of inflammation may occur;
  • Tooth fracture may occur;
  • There may be breakage of the instrument into the canal;
  • Filling over the root tip may occur;
  • It is not possible to open and re-treat the root canal.
  • They can come off;
  • May break;
  • Sensitivity may occur after treatment.
  • Tooth sensitivity;
  • Gingivitis may occur;
  • Not working well enough.


We have signed a professional liability insurance contract that provides insurance coverage in the event of medical errors. The Law of Obligations Act in force in Estonia cannot be given a medical guarantee.

We cannot be held responsible for complications that occurred during the treatment due to the specific nature of your body, for the occurrence and size of unusual complications in relation to the materials and implants of the used drugs, for scraps of materials, tools, equipment made of the used materials, for complications that occurred due to the natural nature of the material. due to wear and tear or alteration.

The clinic reserves the right to invoice the booking if the client cancels with less than 24 hours notice.

If the customer fails to arrive without prior notice, the advance payment will be applied according to the treatment services. After receiving the invoice, the patient can book an appointment that suits him.

  1. We examine the health condition of your oral cavity and teeth, we determine the necessary examinations;
  2. We ask you to provide us with all the circumstances concerning your health;
  3. We inform you about the state of health revealed as a result of the examination of your oral cavity and additional examinations;
  4. We inform you about the nature and purpose of the offered Service, the risks and consequences of its provision;
  5. We provide the Service in accordance with the general level of medical science and with the care normally expected of a healthcare provider;
  6. We confirm that we will do everything reasonably possible to serve you, but according to the current legislation, we cannot promise 100% success of the service;
  7. We ask you to comply with the health behavior, recovery and treatment instructions before, during and after the service provided by us;
  8. We ask you to inform us immediately if any unusual circumstances appear regarding your health in connection with the procedures you have undergone;
  9. If you have registered for our procedures, we consider the service provision agreement between us concluded and ask you to pay for the service according to the invoice;
  10. Even if the performed treatment is not successful, it must be paid for according to the invoice for the rendered services;
  11. If you have complaints about our services, please forward them to: info@citymed.ee;
  12. You can submit complaints about the quality of treatment to the Health Board


The best treatment results can be obtained if you follow the doctor’s advice and have regular check-ups at least once every six months.

Follow-up frequency:

  • 1-2 weeks after cutting and placing the teeth in the mouth
  • thereafter every 6 months inspection and professional cleaning.