Have you lost a tooth or unfortunately you have to do it in the near future and you think that you will postpone the installation of an implant somewhere in the distant future?

We do not recommend doing this, because the body tries to fill the empty space instead of the lost tooth in this case. This may seem like a pretty good solution, but it actually leads to several concerns:

The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth change position to fill the resulting gap;
Tooth root loss causes the jaw to contract and prematurely age the face;
A missing tooth affects your smile and how you feel.
We recommend replacing the removable tooth root immediately with an implant. Please do not remove the tooth before consulting an implantologist.

The implants we use are safe and have a lifetime guarantee. In addition, our clinic has a special guarantee: that is, in addition to the implant, the dental crown is also covered by the guarantee.

If you want to get rid of troublesome dentures or there is no longer any point in treating your bad teeth, we offer a quick and convenient All-on-4 solution, i.e. we replace bad teeth with 4 to 6 implants and fix permanent new teeth on top of them.

In addition, we have an excellent and affordable solution in case you need to better secure a troublesome loose denture. In this case, we use the world’s best locking system Straumann Novaloc.

We have over 28 years of implant placement experience, during which we have replaced over 10,0000 teeth.

The dentist will select the best solution and discuss everything with you. You don’t have to worry about anything. We can safely say that our doctors offer world-class dental care.

Nature does not tolerate an empty place
If you are missing only one tooth, the best solution is a dental crown placed on a dental implant. If you are missing several teeth, we recommend installing a dental bridge that rests on the teeth or implants.

Similar to natural roots, dental implants also support the dental crown. The appearance and effect of an all-ceramic dental crown installed on a dental implant is similar to a missing tooth.

A dental bridge placed on a dental implant:

prevents the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth from changing their position and fills the gap of the missing tooth;
prevents the jaw from shrinking due to missing tooth roots, which would otherwise make the face look older and make the smile look ugly due to missing teeth.
We offer the following services:
simultaneous implantation with tooth extraction
different solutions based on implants
jaws and iget sparing implantation with bone plate technique
3D bone restoration
bone building with artificial bone
gingivoplasty with your own and artificial gums
bone augmentation